About Us

We have a well equiped workshop with both conventional machining and CNC machining capabilities. Our machining capacity is listed below:-

Colchester Triumph 2000 lathe 7.5 inch Centre Height, 50 inch between Centres
Colchester Mastiff 1400 Lathe 10.5 inch Centre Height, 80 inch between Centres
Bridgeport Turret mill
Heckert Horizontal Mill with 1.6M long table

Haas MiniMill 2 CNC Vertical Machining Centre
Haas SL20 CNC Turning Centre with Barfeeder

We use Solidworks and Camworks, so can take in customer drawings in most formats and produce all the machining data directly from the 3D models. This improves accuracy and speeds up the production time. We can produce 3D models from paper drawings if required.

Recent projects have included producing custom mounts for prototype machinery and re manufacturing components for the performance car and motrobike markets including the re-machining of brake disks.

We have a limited supply of machine spares, mainly Bridgeport and Colchester, and undertake machine tool repair and refurbishment.

See the products page for details of items supplied to the Railway Signalling Industry. With over 30 years experience in this field. we are ideally placed and understand the requirements of our customers and can supply their exact needs.

Another ongoing project is the construction of a third scale Burrell traction engine. Some photos and details are shown on our Projects Page.

If you require a price for any machined components or assembelies, please contact us and we will be happy to quote. We are happy to undertake machining of your components that are too large for your own machines.
The picture above shows an Acme Adjuster screw made for a Guilotine machine. The screw was reverse engineered from a failed component and is 1 5/8" in diameter and about 14" long, the thread being 2 1/2 Threads per Inch. This was machine cut on one of our Colchester lathes.
email us at cnc@rrbmachining.co.uk
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