Railway Signalling Products

Barrier Simulators
Siemens PLC based simulator to allow functional testing of level crossing equipment room circuits where the final barrier pedestals cannot be installed or connected prior to commissioning. Can be configured for two or four boom crossings. Indications are provided to assist in the circuit functional testing. We also have simulators for Obstacle Detecter (OD) systems
SSI Breakout Leads
50 way breakout leads for SSI blue box testing, including monitor points and echo switches.Other configurations are available for specific activities such as data link systems testing
Signal Dummy Loads
Dummy loads comprising 4 or more resistors mounted on a heatsink, with neon indicators and load break switches for soak testing signal modules where the final signal cannot be erected prior to commissioning. Can be configured for main running signals, shunt signals, banner repeaters and route indicator proving.
Strap Bags
Strap bags, used for circuit functional testing, can be made to customers exact requirements for quatity and length using high flexibility yellow wire. The one shown was made to a specification supplied by Atkins Rail.
We can also produce Earth Test Boxes, Switch Panels, Special Breakout Leads, Barrier Arm Simulators, Point Dummy Loads, SSI Simulation Harness and Track Stabbers, or any other test equipment to your individual requirements.
We can also supply SSI Plug Couplers for Points and Signals configured with specified wire wrapped address wiring if required.
Test Panels
We can build test panels to your requirements, with single and double pole switches, pole change switches and momentary switches for route setting simulation. Custom panels can be made for applications such as level crossings.
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